Ze Tribu Brass Band (FR)

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Ze Tribu Brass Band is a collective project created by Tribu Festival in 2010 around the repertoire of the brass bands. Today, about fourty musicians, professionals or amateurs, are part of this project which was conducted by Maciek Lasserre (saxophonist in Tarace Boulba) from its beginning until 2018. The musicians compose sometimes their own tunes, or they play a repertoire which revolves around ethiojazz, funk and cumbia.

For the 20th edition of Tribu Festival, they invited Louis Jacques from Super Parquet. He enabled them to enrich their repertoire with traditional music.

In 2018, the trombonist Fidel Fourneyron returned to play with Ze Tribu Brass Band during the Tribu Festival, accompanied by two Cuban musicians belonging to the ¿ Que Vola ? project, mix of rumba and jazz.

At the end of 2016, the brass band recorded four new tracks at the Artdam studio, accompanied by Maciek Lasserre. Those songs were featured on the first EP of Ze Tribu Brass Band, which has been released in 2017 during Tribu Festival.

In 2017, the trompetist and composer Aymeric Avice was on stage with the brass band during the release party. A nice meeting between the founder of the Jarawa project quintet and the musicians.

In 2016, the brass band welcomed during Tribu Festival the percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Jaime Salazar, professor and coordinator of the world musics department at the Conservatoire of Chalon-sur-Saône. He is also a member of the artists collectiv Grolektif and the latin core band Pixvae. During his stay, he shared his love for traditional and popular latin american musics with the brass band. He added to the repertoire two songs called « Fiesta de Negritos » and « Fiesta en Corraleja ».

In 2015, the brass band welcomed the trombonist Fidel Fourneyron, member of the National Orchestra of Jazz, the Coax collective and the Carreau du Temple brass band in Paris. Three new songs has been brought by Fidel, which allowed the repertoire of Ze Tribu Brass Band to get bigger and bigger!




1st October 2017 : the brass band released its first album during Tribu Festival.

Previous gigs

IN 2019

La Coursive, Dijon | La Maison de Courcelles, Saint-Loup-Sur-Aujon | La Ferme Biquettes et Compagnie, Aubaine | Vyv Les Solidarités, Dijon | Tribu Festival, Dijon

IN 2018

Grésilles en veut, Dijon | La Vapeur, Dijon| Festival International de musique universitaire, Belfort | La Pelle Festival, Corcelles-les Monts | Partie de Campagne, Ouroux-en-Morvan | Place centrale, Quetigny | Ze Tribu Brass Band invite Fidel Fourneyron pour le Tribu Festival, square des ducs, Dijon | La Fureur de Cuivres, Dijon

IN 2017
Festival Prise de Cirq’, Dijon | Festival Cirque & Fanfares, Dole | Les Rendez-vous du quai des Carrières Blanches, Dijon | Festival Atout bout d’champ, Mâlain | Festival Cirque à Courcelles, Courcelles-sur-Aujon | Ze Tribu Brass Band invite Aymeric Avice, Square des Ducs, Dijon

Jazz sous les Pommiers, Coutances (2012) | Festival A Vaulx Jazz, Vaulx-en-Velin (2013) | Millau Jazz Festival, Millau (2015) | Rock’abylette Vintage Festival, Luzy (2016) | Festival Clameurs (2016) | Tribu Festival à Dijon (depuis 2010) | Festival Cirque et Fanfares à Dole (2017) | ...


Line Up

All of the musicians of the brass band are volunteers!


Available on request



Pierre-Loup Vasseur


Ze Tribu Brass Band