Tarbiya (NER / MLI)

Touareg traditional music


When the world trembles it becomes the origin of surprising musical geographies. That is how the Touareg blues of Saharan deserts unexpectedely anchored on Burgundy soil.

Gathered in the Quartier Libre des Lentillères, Tarbiya's five members met in exile, arriving from Libya, Mali and Niger in the 2010's. The leader and eldest member of the band, Abdoul Wadoud Almouzamil, came with his family's musical repertoire and the history of the village founded by his grand-father at the border between Niger and Mali: "Tarbiya". The band formed around him, uniting in complicity experienced musicians with initiated apprentices.

Tarbiya's members are part of a generation that grew up with the sound of electric guitars and protest songs chanted in tamashek popularized by Tinariwen. In our Internet era they also bathed in the world's musical market successes. However, they capture their heritage with original fidelity and sincerity, far away from the artifices and injunctions to fusion.

Tarbiya develops a moderate dialogue between the saturated flights of a lead guitar and the dense, organic and repetitive body formed by the backing vocals, bass guitar and drums.Successively slow or exalted, their trance makes an impression, imperceptible and generous.

"The Touaregs of Dijon" successfully forged new solidarities and created a heterogeneous community around their music. They are currently supported by La Vapeur and Zutique Productions and are working on an album recording expected for 2020.