Batida (AN / PT)

Afro electronic


Pedro Coquenão has been creating music, dance, radio, visual and plastic arts under the Batida alias. The name was used for the first time on a show he started on the National Portuguese Radio Antena 3 and RDP Africa in 2007. 
Soon it was transformed in two full albums, collabs, remixes and shows performed in all kinds of stages around the world. 

After a local release in 2009, he kept promoting his work with the support of indie blogs and connecting with like minded dj´s and, in 2012, he caught the attention of the referential Soundway Records that has chosen Batida to be the the first new artist to be released.


He was the first Portuguese and Angolan artist to be part of a Boileroom session. Pedro was also part of Africa Express, Damon Albarn´s project. He also remixed Damon´s "Heavy Seas Of Love". 2014 ended opening four Stromae’s Big ArenaTour shows.

“A show completely out of format, classy and fascinating from beginning to end. Images, dance, music, staging and committed discourse here is more of the same, while mixes and invents a language in itself - that of Batida.” Maxime de Abreu

Outside Portugal, his show was presented at NYCSummerstage, Glastonbury, Roskilde, Pitch, Lowlands, Les Eurockéennes, Les Suds à Arles, Transmusicales, Eurosonic, FMM Sines, Womad Festival, where it was described as "Fantastic" by The Guardian and at Womex as “one of the best” by NPR.

In February 2015, Batida welcomed the Grammy award winners, Konono Nº1 in his garage where they recorded  "Konono Nº1 meets Batida", that was released by Crammed Discs in April 2016, and reached #1 on the CMJ, the US College Radio chart.

2016 started with a participation on the Brazilian Carnival, in São Paulo and in Recife as part of the Rec Beat Festival. He also played in Paris, London, New York, Nairobi, Lisbon, Porto, and had his premiere in Colombia at the Festival Detonante.

In December he returned to NYC to present his show, this time at the Lincoln Center Atrium.

2017 started with another memorable performance at the Kennedy Center, followed by globalFEST, where he was chosen to close the Studio at Webster Hall. 

After returning from NYC, he flew to the Netherlands Eurosonic Festival, where he presented a very rough version of  The Almost Perfect DJ, a new performance he debuted at the first Iminente Festival, a festival in Oeiras, Lisbon, curated by the Portuguese visual artist and international reference, Vhils. In June this 2018, he did this performance again in the UK edition of the festival.

The Almost Perfect DJ performance was also presented at TEDxPorto, in the main Casa da Musica auditorium, at La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Paris, WebSummit Lisboa, and most recently at the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center.

 “In The Almost Perfect DJ, Pedro aka Batida creates a conceptual performance that is both deeply inside and outside the rituals of the dance community. Its combination of dancefloor rocking beats, enveloping visuals, and incisive commentary was presented with a surreal wit worthy of Andy Kaufman. But instead of serving milk and cookies, he served up one banging track after another.“ Bill Bragin - NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center

In 2018, he curated an experimental Lisbon radio for Festival Silencio and two more shows for the National Public Radio. He also did two Radio Dj Set´s on stage celebrating 10 years with a tower of Boomboxes and a real Fm Broadcast limited to that time and space.

Gilles Peterson, invited him recently to take part in the Music and Words special of his radio show on BBC6 Music:

“There’s certain types of music that come out of Portugal, Lisbon, over the years...Buraka Som Sistema had a big effect on me, the Principe Record Label right now, DJ Marfox, massive! All of this is sort of linked together for me by this one producer who goes by the name of Batida. It’s just on another level in terms of how he presents his show, how he approaches his music making, whether he is Djing or performing live, or adding visuals, philosophically just how he goes about his business.” Gilles Peterson - BBC6 Music

This year he will be between his container constantly tweaking “The Almost Perfect Dj” performance and creating new stuff to compose both new music and another performance.