Canalón de Timbiquí plays traditional afro-colombian rhythms from the pacific coast. The members of the band named Canalón come from a small town surrounded by rivers, near pacific ocean : Timbiquí. The singers met in highscool, where their music teacher taught them the songs that his grandmother and the other women were singing while they were washing clothes down the river. The music of the band combines soft voices, marimba and guasá percussions.

Nidia Góngora, the main singer, took part to some big projects with the english producer Will Holland, aka Quantic. In 2003, Canalón de Timbiquí became an official band by participating to the Festival Petronio Alvarez – the biggest afro-colombian music festival. They won the price of best vocals and best musical arrangement. Right now, some of the band members are still living in Timbiquí and are seeking for gold in mines. With Nidia as the musical leader, Canalón has released three albums, has toured in Colombia and in USA and is starting to be famous in Europe. In 2012, Sofrito Records included in his International compilation Soundclash « La Zorra Y El Perol », a classic of Canalón. The same year, the band did a cover of « La Jeanne », a song of the talentuous french artist Georges Brassens. Their last album « Arrullando » has been released in 2015 and just received the price of best traditional folklore album at the Premios Shock 2016. For the French-Colombian cultural year, the band will tour in Europe between july and december 2017.



The band will be on tour in France in may 2018.

2017 : On tour from july to december for the French-Colombian year of the French Institute

October 2016 : Rewarded for the best folklore album at the Premios Shock

Press release

“Canalón de Timbiquí posee el sonido más edificante y terrenal que jamás hayas escuchado. Fui a su concierto y estaba en lágrimas. Me dejé llevar por  la emoción, por la pasión. Es una música infecciosa…”
-Betto Arcos, NPR y BBC

“Durante su carrera, Canalón ha brindado a la audiencia un poder balsámico de los sonidos del pacífico. Este es un grupo plagado de tradición.”
-Revista Shock

“Canalón de Timbiquí representa la riqueza musical proveniente de la mezcla de tradiciones africanas y latinoamericanas únicas en Colombia.”
-Banco de la República

“Los portentosos y coloridos shows de Canalón han venido dejando seguidores por todo Colombia, algunas ciudades de Estados Unidos y pronto harán lo suyo por territorio europeo.”
-Festival Estéreo Picnic

"I have to admit it's the music of the Pacific coast that most appeals to me. It's strongly African in character, with vocals underpinned by an interplay of hands and sticks on wood and leather and often a balafon-like marimba in the band.”
-Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine

"Canalón de Timbiquí was the revelation of the entire's the most uplifting, earthy sound you'll ever hear. I went to their performance and I was in tears, I was blown away by the energy, by the excitement, by the passion. It's infectious music that you have to see to be able to enjoy it."
-Betto Arcos, NPR y BBC

Previous gigs

Festival Petronio Álvarez - Cali

Versions: XI (Best marimba group and best original composition)

XII (Best voice arrangement)

XIV (Special guest)

XVI (Special guest)

Festival FestiAfro - Medellín

Colombia al Parque - Bogotá

SXSW - Austin, Texas, United States, 2012

WOMEX - Thessaloniki, Greece, 2012

Line Up

Yuli Magali Castro : backing vocals, guasá
Nidia Sofía Góngora : lead vocals, guasá
Targelia Sinistrerra : backing vocals, guasá
Maria Celia Zúñiga : backing vocals, guasá
Alexis Montaño : marimba
Danilo Cuenú : bombo hembra
Duván Díaz : cununos
Lisandro Vallecilla : bombo macho


24/06 : Festival Glastonbury, UK

25/06 : Festival Sommerscen, Malmö, SWE

06/07 : Embassy Festival, Belgium

08/07 : Festival de la Cité, Lausanne, CH

14, 15 & 16/07 : Festival Tropical Pressure, Cornwall, UK

20/07 : Embassy Festival, London, UK

29/07 : Womad Festival, Charlton Park, UK


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